Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Walker and the Kenosha casino


Over at RightWisconsin, they asked a number of conservatives if they thought Governor Scott Walker should give his okay for a new casino, and if he’ll give his okay for a casino. I explain there’s actually a third choice before I suggest which way Walker should decide.

What Wisconsin should do is repeal the lottery and get rid of casino gambling altogether. In 1991, Judge Barbara Crabb (a Jimmy Carter appointment) ruled that because Wisconsin has a lottery, that means all gambling could be legal for the tribes. Turns out lottery doesn’t mean “lottery,” it means “gambling.”

The lottery is also the state’s way of taking advantage of mathematical illiteracy to generate some small property tax relief. We’re taxing the gullible to take less money from homeowners, and in the process fueling a corrupting industry that causes great societal harm. Why is this a good idea?

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