Monday, November 20th, 2017

Walker finishing strong


Last night I ventured as far as the Waukesha Expo Center with about 300 other people to see Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker and Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.  Mike Gallagher was the emcee and warm-up act.

I’ve watched Scott Walker a long time.  I’ve known Walker a long time.  Last night he was at the peak of his game.  His speech was impressive.  It articulated a vision for Wisconsin and struck just the right note for that crowd.  He looked and sounded ready to be governor.

Judging from the latest polls, he better be ready.  Rasmussen’s robots now have Walker leading Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett by 10 points.  I know there are some Democrats who are going to be whistling past the graveyard saying Rasmussen’s a Republican pollster.  I’m telling you Democrats, you need to believe the polls.  That way you can confront the results on election night in a healthy frame of mind.

According to the Daily Kos/PPP poll, Reid Ribble is leading Democratic Congressman 40%-37% with a whole bunch of undecideds. The interesting number in that poll is the governor’s race.  In the 8th congressional district, a swing district, Walker is beating Barrett 52% to 44%.  (Ron Johnson is beating Democratic Senator Russ Feingold 52% to 45%.)  Tom Barrett is now viewed more unfavorably in that congressional district than favorably, 44% to 43%.  With Walker, it’s just the opposite.  He’s viewed favorably 48% to 43%.

I’m going to do my final race predictions on Monday but right now I don’t see anyway Barrett can pull this race out.

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