Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Walker wins, waiting on the rest of the results


I almost wish that the giant screen would stop showing Governor Walker won. It becomes almost airport ear-splitting noise levels in here. The crowd is obviously excited, although calmer since the news first broke of Walker’s victory. We’re still waiting on the results from Lt Governor’s race and the four state senate campaigns. the numbers, for now, are still looking good. However, the city of Racine tends to report late which means we may be waiting a while on Senator Van Wanggaard.

The buzz we’re hearing on press row is that Walker will win with 54% of the vote. If that’s the case, the other races should look very good for Republicans.

I can’t describe the noise level every time the television cameras turn the lights on. However, the crowd is finally getting hoarse. Oh wait, they just started another chant and they still sound strong. By the way, I think I’m on television.

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