Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Walker yard sign arson


I know I’ve written before how people should stop whining about yard signs getting stolen. If a yard sign is stolen, who does it really hurt? Campaigns make the yard signs so when they’re stolen the campaigns can issue the press release complaining about the awful tactics of the opposing campaign.

However, when it crosses over to setting the yard signs on fire, then we’re dealing with a more serious issue. It’s more than the destruction of a silly little sign. It’s an attempt to intimidate the homeowner and the neighbors. It’s frightening, and it’s meaning is as clear as burning a cross on a lawn (another intimidation technique pioneered by Democrats).

This type of thuggery reminds me of an incident during the recall of Senator George Petak. Large wooden signs supporting Petak were being damaged all over Racine. But the incident that took the prize was the homeowner who discovered that someone in a large truck drove up onto the person’s yard and ran over the sign, destroying it and the lawn in the process.

By the way, does anyone know where Democratic spokesman Graeme Zielinski was when the Walker signs were set on fire? We know Zielinski likes to play with fire. Or is it just American flags he likes to burn?

(By the way, I asked Zielinski and the Democratic Party for a comment on the flag burning and received no reply.)

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