Sunday, January 20th, 2019

Was it something Chris Abele said?


More drama at the Milwaukee County Courthouse:

Frank Busalacchi abruptly ended his job as Milwaukee County’s transportation director Wednesday, less than a year after he took the post.

County Executive Chris Abele confirmed Busalacchi’s departure, saying only that he was “no longer with Milwaukee County. I appreciate the hard work Frank has done for Milwaukee County and I wish him well.”

Abele didn’t immediately respond to an interview request. Brendan Conway, Abele’s spokesman, declined to say whether Busalacchi quit or was fired.

Busalacchi also couldn’t be immediately reached.

Abele praised Busalacchi for his “strong leadership” of the county department in April, when he nominated him to extend his tenure on the job for four years.

Don’t look for conservative talk radio to criticize Abele over this departure.

Pure speculation at this point, but I wonder if the former Teamster official’s departure had anything to do with this interview. Or maybe dealing with County Board Chairman Marina Dimitrijevic drove him nuts.

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