Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Was that a Weber at the Olympics?


Jib gets the news from the formerly-known-as the World Wildlife Fund thatthe Olympics are gas guzzling energy whores. From CNN,

The WWF called the 5-meter (16-foot) high Olympic flame, which will be lit at the opening ceremony on Friday evening and burn until the end of the Games on February 26, “a kind of mockery, a monument to waste”.

The flame, which will flicker atop a 57-meter (187-foot) high torch, will burn some 3 million cubic meters (105 million cubic feet) of gas during the Games — enough to supply a town of 3,500 people for an entire year, it said.

I don’t know what bugs me more: That the WWF no longer automatically means “World Wrestling Federation” or that some environmental wacko group is upset about a display reminiscent of my last backyard barbeque on my gas grill.

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