Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Wasn’t this supposed to be about Ben Bradlee?


Al Hunt has a personal story about the late Ben Bradlee, except he doesn’t. It really is a story about the late Richard Nixon and his connection to another deceased journalist named John Lindsay. It just happens that Nixon called Lindsay at a party being held by Bradlee.

In the middle of the party, John was summoned to take a call. There was the unmistakable voice on the other end. “They said I would never go to China and I did,” Nixon declared. “They said I would never call Ben Bradlee’s house, and I just have.”

So the real star of the story is Nixon, with a supporting role played by Ben Bradlee’s phone. Hunt apparently has no personal memories of Bradlee since he never worked for him, so the story about Nixon calling Bradlee’s house to speak to someone else was the best Hunt could do.

Don’t let Al Hunt write obituaries.

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