Sunday, August 25th, 2019

Watch out for the lightning Neumann


As my late grandmother would say, if Mark Neumann keeps lying like that lightning is going to strike him.

Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker charged in a new direct mail piece that, as a member of Congress, his opponent, Mark Neumann voted for a transporatation bill that included $9 billion in pork-barrel spending.

At a press conference on Sunday, Neumann didn’t dispute the assertion, but said that the comparison with Pelosi, a liberal Democrat, was a low blow and a “personal attack” against him.

Walker and Neumann are both Republicans.

The ad says that Neumann, a Nashotah homebuilder who has a reputation as a fiscal hawk, took the same vote as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California. Neumann served two terms in the U.S. House of Representatives in the 1990s.

When he heard about the direct mail that was circulating, “I thought it was a joke,” Neumann said. Though he voted for the bill, many other Republicans did, too, he said. Neumann said he would not participate in “mudslinging,” and signed a pledge to that effect and asked that Walker do the same.

Seriously? Neumann will not participate in “mudslinging?” He’s been wallowing in the mud since the beginning of the campaign. So when Walker takes a clean shot at Neumann’s record (reminding everyone that Neumann is a politician, too), suddenly Neumann says he won’t engage in “mudslinging.”

By the way, when Neumann says he’s not a career politician and that he went beck into private business for awhile, he’s neglecting to mention the reason for the career change. If Neumann beat Feingold in 1998, does anyone have any doubt that he would still be in politics?

There was a reason Neumann refused to let his campaign fund die for many years, and it wasn’t because he likes to do the extra paperwork for the Government Accountability Board. It was because he was waiting for his chance to run for something again. Just because he didn’t think conditions were right for him to run again doesn’t mean he stopped planning on a career in politics. He just timed his re-entry into politics badly. Too bad he didn’t take another shot at Feingold instead.

If I were Neumann, I’d stay indoors away from any rain clouds for awhile.

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