Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

City of Waukesha to purchase “The Calling”


City of Waukesha Director of Community Development Steve Crandell announced today, April 1st, that it is purchasing The Calling, a sculpture by Mark di Suvero, from the

“The Calling” will be renamed “The New Day in Waukesha” and be placed in the center of the Five Points intersection in downtown Waukesha.

city of Milwaukee. “We anticipate that this purchase of public art will spur tourism and development downtown.”

City Administrator Ed Henschel said the newly purchased sculpture will be renamed, “The New Day in Waukesha,” and placed at the Five Points in downtown Waukesha where the Gazebo once stood.

Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima welcomed the news. “This will vigorously pursue our goal of becoming the best number one art city in America,” he said.

Scrima also announced that to protect the sculpture, it will be necessary to completely shut down Main Street permanently. “We have aggressively solved the downtown parking issue.”

Scrima also announced a new super-secret “Sculpture Committee” that will transport the sculpture from location to location downtown, starting with Martha Merrill’s Bookstore.

Martha Merrill’s will also be the exclusive home of New Day in Waukesha t-shirts to promote and fundraise for the sculpture’s placement.

Downtown Business Association President Roger Igielski said he was ecstatic over the news. “In honor of the new sculpture, Allo Chocolate will be selling The Calling Truffles for $10 each.”

When asked how the purchase was paid for, Henschel replied, “Since the Business Improvement District is dissolving, there’s a lot of money just sitting there. So we decided that the purchase of the Di Suvero sculpture was the best use for the money and in the spirit of how we intended to use the BID funds anyway.”

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