Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Waukesha County Board suffers temporary insanity; citizens rejoice


In a classic case of doing what the citizens want for all the wrong reasons, the Waukesha County Board rejected downsizing to 25 members by a vote of 16-14.

I got the news via e-mail yesterday and I almost drove my car into a ditch. Next time I’ll keep one hand on the wheel and put down my coffee before I start checking my e-mail.

Five members weren’t there for the vote physically, and it sounds like a couple weren’t there mentally. Mike at Spring City Chronicle was there reporting on the whole farce. Mike, when admission is free the comedy isn’t likely to be very good. He also has a round-up (often used to kill noxious weeds) on the local major media coverage.

I’ll forgive Kathy Cummings for not mentioning my columns if Waukesha can forgive me for once having a Cummings yard sign in my front lawn four years ago. (But she was the only one who asked!) Of course, maybe someday my husband will run for public office, too. How does she like that! (Wait a sec. That doesn’t look right.)

Speaking of Waukesha Freeman columnists worth the fifty cents to buy a newspaper, Jessica McBride also has some comments on yesterday’s non-action by the county board. She takes on County Supervisor Walter Kolb who is taking this all very, very personally:

Why do I get a picture in my head of a child tossing food from a high chair? My 11 month old is better behaved.

Now, Jessica, that’s not fair. You and Paul have the ability to send the kid to the county lock-up when the child misbehaves. We don’t have that ability with county supervisors. That’s the next petition drive.

And Chris at Spotted Horse reminds us what yesterday’s vote means. The Revolution is back on:

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