Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

Waukesha Finance Committee to consider BID expenditures


Update! 6:57 PM  All discussions of the BID were tabled for this evening. – JW


At tonight’s city of Waukesha finance committee meeting, the committee will be discussing the BID audit and what to do with the funds. Some property owners have found a number of questionable expenditures of BID funds that appear to have been made to support the activities of the Downtown Business Association. If that’s correct, and right now it appears so, City Administrator Ed Henschel, officers of the Downtown Business Association, and potentially ex-Mayor Jeff Scrima, could have some explaining to do.

The two letters from the property owners are now posted online. here and here.

From the May 9th letter:

Numerous invoices were paid by the BID based on support from billings by respective vendors that were addressed to the Waukesha Downtown Business Association (WDBA) for non‐BID events.  These events included:  The Tree Lighting, Caroling, Strolling, Santa Run, Carriage Rides and Silver Bells which events are signature WDBA events and we do not understand why the WDBA submitted these invoices to the BID for payment.    In addition, some of these events produced revenue which, based on our analysis of BID QB files, was not shared with the BID, resulting in 100% profits for the WDBA.

It is my understanding that the WDBA is not a non‐profit group and based on this, there was nothing found in the BID files that addresses the review of these vendor invoices before they were paid.   In addition, there are reimbursements at the end of 2013 for the Farmer’s market which was held after the BID ceased to exist.  The WDBA collected all revenue from the Farmer’s Market.

It will be interesting, too, to see if the city can explain how the Farmer’s Market is not a BID asset, as Henschel claims.

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