Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Waukesha mayor to get pay raise


Darryl Enriquez reports that a proposed pay increase for the Waukesha mayor did pass, but at a lower increase than originally proposed.

A gassed Common Council deliberated, argued and yawned late into the evening, trying to decide a salary increase for the mayor.

It set the salary at $79,100 annually, which should be achieved by 2013.

At issue was whether the mayor’s salary, frozen since 2005, should be increased from $70,100 annually to $81,413 by 2013.

That proposed salary increase was not going to fly, forcing Ald. Joan Francoeur, a main advocate for the raise, to propose that the salary be frozen for 2010, be increased to $73,100 in 2011, $76,100 in 2012 and $79,100 by 2013.

The debate boiled down to the question of how could the mayor’s position receive a raise especially since city employees will be asked to take a pay freeze in 2010.

Some council members have been arguing it’s unfair that the mayor’s salary has been frozen. There’s nothing “fair” about salaries for elected officials. They are determined by politics just as any other issue. Waukesha has a full-time City Administrator to work with a full-time mayor, making the decision even more contentious.

My suggestion to whomever runs for mayor, including the incumbent, is that they should promise to give back the raise, at least until such time as the budget does not require a tax increase and/or a pay freeze for city workers.

Want fair? Compare the mayor’s proposed increase with your own projected salary increase next year.

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