Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Waukesha Mayoral Primary Tuesday


Of course, you wouldn’t know it looking at the City of Waukesha website (ht: Justin Falk).

One friend e-mailed to note her polling place changed to the Waukesha South High School Swimming Pool. I suspect that may be the most expensive polling place in the city.

Just some quick notes:

Outside of Andy Kallin, I didn’t get any reports of candidates knocking on doors. What a bunch of lazy candidates. I feel sorry for the campaign managers. Then again, they should be doing a better job kicking their candidates out the door.

I received an automated telephone call from Ann Nischke informing us she’s been endorsed by State Senator Ted Kanavas.

It looks like Art Siemann did pretty good this round of elections, with a smattering of signs everywhere.

I think both newspapers did a pretty good job covering the election.

Update! Ann Nischke informs us in the comments she’s out hitting doors, too. Stay warm, Ann. And Chris Lufter reminds us only three candidates have signed the Waukesha Taxpayers pledge: Dean Field, Ann Nischke, and James Young.

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