Friday, November 24th, 2017

Waukesha school board member appears in video for Walker


Waukesha School Board member Karin Rajnicek appears in a new video for Governor Scott Walker. Waukesha Patch reports:

Waukesha’s newest school board member has been on the board since April, but her face is about to become well known as she appears in an advertisement supporting Gov. Scott Walkeras Democrats look to begin the recall Wisconsin Democrat following his controversial bill limiting union rights.

The video starts with Karin Rajnicek, who waselected last April, sharing her views about Walker’s initiatives since he was sworn into office in January.

“We were worried when the state budget was going to mean less money for our school district. And we have 25 schools,” she said in the ad. “But Gov. Walker – he gave us options that reduced our biggest costs so that we could put more money back into our classrooms.”

For those that are curious about how Governor Scott Walker’s reforms affected the school district and will continue to benefit the district going forward, I wrote about the issue for the MacIver Institute.

The district intends on taking advantage of the changes in union bargaining privileges by pursuing health insurance changes. Already this year the district is putting into place a wellness plan that could save the district $3 million. Employees of the district will pay 12% of their health insurance premium costs, but if they do not participate in the wellness program the employee contribution goes up to 17%.

According to Gray, the changes brought by Act 10 will have even more of an impact on insurance costs for future district budgets. In an interview Friday, Gray said he was “really optimistic that we can offer a really good plan at a lower cost.” He anticipated it would be a “win-win” with less money out-of-pocket for teachers for their health insurance.

So the situation in Waukesha looks a lot better than it did just a few years ago. Nobody is talking about a need for referendums and the district’s finances are looking better.

Update! Here’s the ad:

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