Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Waukesha Taxpayers League opposes 7 county tax


Waukesha politicians, take note:

(June 2, 2006) Waukesha Taxpayer League (WTL) President Christine Lufter released the following statement today regarding the proposed 7-county sales tax to fund Milwaukee County projects, facilities and services:

“Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and the rest of the usual suspects still don’t get it. While funding their cultural sites, police, fire and parks may be important, other counties such as Waukesha should not be forced to subsidize Milwaukee’s financial woes. Waukesha County residents already pay for our own parks, fire and police services, and cannot afford to pay extra taxes simply because our neighbors to the east refuse to make the tough decisions to bring their fiscal house in order.”

“The Waukesha Taxpayers League asks all elected leaders of our county to stand up and publicly denounce the Milwaukee Bailout Tax now. Enough is enough.”

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