Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

We know what’s on in Tom Barrett’s home


I’m guessing Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett just loves the news on WISN-TV in Milwaukee. Aaron Rodriguez revisits the outrageous hit piece by Brendan Conway of WISN (I commented on it at the time). Rodriguez points out that WISN is ignoring a similar story about Barrett’s campaign for governor.

Last week, it was discovered that Tom Barrett spent half a million dollars on a Philadelphia firm for radio and television ads.  After Belling criticized channel 12 for their failure to cover the story, their television station was pelted with phone calls.  They said they would pass along the information, but WISN 12 has yet to run the story.

On Barrett’s campaign website, it says,

“His vision features specific plans for investments in financial capital, our colleges and universities, and workforce skills that make the difference in whether the high-paying jobs of the future come to Wisconsin or go elsewhere.”

Barrett’s message is clear: invest in Wisconsin, or jobs will “go elsewhere.”  But Barrett has invested half a million dollars in Pennsylvania’s economy, not Wisconsin’s.

To be fair and balanced, Conway should find an advertisement firm in Wisconsin that says they are “disappointed” with the Milwaukee Mayor and that “there are a dozen other agencies in Wisconsin that could have done better work than what Barrett’s out-of-state firm has done.”

After that, Conway should find County Supervisor Chris Larson to see if he thinks that Barrett is also a hypocrite for outsourcing campaign work.  After all, if Barrett is not keeping jobs in Wisconsin during a campaign, then how can we expect him to do this when he is elected to something higher?

If WISN-TV is going to make in-kind contributions to Barrett’s campaign, could they at least fill out the necesary paperwork at the GAB?

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