Monday, November 20th, 2017

We learn the real Vrakas on Tuesday


The proposed Waukesha County budget for 2007 will be unveiled Tuesday. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, taxpayers in Waukesha can expect a $1.8 million tax increase, approximately a 2% increase.

If this is true, County Executive Dan Vrakas will have failed to keep his central campaign promise, “As your executive, I will reduce your tax burden and I will not stop until Waukesha County’s taxes are the lowest in the state.”

Vrakas will be responsible for two straight property tax increases. Moreover, this budget is entirely a Vrakas era budget, and he is to be held wholly responsible. If he cannot find a way to fulfill his campaign promise, then he will have undermined the whole purpose of his election, as well as his re-election.

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