Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

We’d all feel naked


Blogger Ann Althouse asks, What would we do without Site Meter? Mind you, Ann Althouse runs one of the most popular blogs in the country, and certainly the most popular blog in Wisconsin. Yet she confessed that she checks her stats regularly.

At a convention of political blogs hosted by, Owen Robinson claimed to not check his stats, prompting one heckler (okay, me) to comment aloud, “Sicko!”

Most bloggers check their stats regularly to see how much of an audience we’re really writing to. I use two different services, Site Meter and StatCounter. For the most part, the two of them provide the same data, but they give me different interpretations.

Last month my stats took another leap, breaking all my previous records (see chart). This little thing of ours keeps growing and growing. I thank you and my advertisers thank you.

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