Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Welcome change, really


Comments at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel site are often little better than the letters in Penthouse, and just as anonymous. Trying to glean the one or two worthwhile comments in that sewer is almost never worth the time. When I do read the comments, regardless of the story, I end up flagging some as inappropriate in the vain hope that some editor will notice.

Today the MJS is using a different log-in for commenting on one of their stories. They are requiring people to use their Facebook id’s to try to hold the commenters more accountable.

Editor’s Note: You may comment on this story using your Facebook log-in. We are testing this new commenting system on selected articles in an effort to hold people more accountable for their comments. You may still comment on most other stories using your JSOnline user account.

Other sites are using other methods of trying to clean up the comments. For example, Ricochet.com requires you to pay a subscription fee to be able to comment.

At my site, I’ve been forced to moderate comments from people whom the filter identifies as not having commented here before. The filter also blocks certain IP addresses that I’ve indicated, and prevents comments with multiple links. So far, that’s been enough for me to kill some of the worst comments while still allowing anonymous comments.

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