Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

We’ll call the accredited media as soon as we find them


State Representative Marlin Schneider has introduced another bill to reduce the availability of public records on CCAP. The newspapers, etc., will fight it. But really, this shows just how out of touch Schneider really is.

Public access to online court records would be scaled back dramatically under a bill before the state Assembly.

The bill by Rep. Marlin Schneider (D-Wisconsin Rapids) would make court records available online only for those who are convicted of a crime, found liable in a civil case, evicted or issued a restraining order or injunction by the court.

Court records for those who are found not guilty would not be posted online, nor would court records for pending cases. Those would be kept in a separate database available only to court officials, certain government bodies, law enforcement, lawyers, licensed debt collectors and accredited journalists.

So, just who are these accredited journalists in Schneider’s bill? Has he noticed how few of them are hanging out in the Capitol? Do bloggers qualify? Freelance writers? Those of us that do a little of everything? Where do we go to get this secret decoder ring that makes us accredited?

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