Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Well, I don’t think you can call this coverage


Bad news. Spivak and Bice are covering blogs again, or at least what lefty bloggers in Las Vegas eat and drink.

As for Warner, Salon.com notes, he topped all comers in trying to impress followers of the Daily Kos, a popular liberal blog.

To date, no other candidate has rented an Elvis impersonator to perform for supporters in a circular viewing station 1,000 feet above the Vegas strip. And no other candidate has tried to ply voters with the deadly trifecta of a vodka-chilling ice sculpture, a chocolate fondue waterfall, and free roller-coaster rides.

Of course, they didn’t really read a blog to learn this, they read Salon.com. And they didn’t bother to question the ethics of bloggers getting wined and dined as if they were journalists at a party hosted by Governor Doyle. Why, that might require some thought and effort.

To think, it takes two of these guys to write like that. Just imagine how bad their column would be if they didn’t go to journalism school.

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