Friday, November 17th, 2017

What a crowd!


Among those attending last night’s Waukesha mayoral forum were Mike from the Silver Spring Chronicle and Dean Mundy of Musings of a Thoughtful Conservative. Mike has the round-by-round description of the fight. His issue-by-issue accounting has Nelson winning on points. Dean concurs with a further analysis of Nelson’s position on garbage fees. Mike also has the round up of coverage of the forum.

I can see why Alderman Larry Nelson (Democrat) was able to convince his neighbor to be his campaign treasurer, even if he is a Republican. Nelson has a smile for everyone and is very good at greeting people at the door. As I walked in he said to me that he recognized my picture from the newspaper and that he reads my column regularly. Great. Two weeks and I’m being recognized. (Still, it is a handsome picture.) Nelson would’ve made a great politician on Milwaukee’s East Side. He might’ve even been elected alderman.

WTMJ radio’s Jeff Wagner may make a fan out of me yet. He recognized me from the last forum and congratulated me on my column (it runs Thursdays in the Waukesha Freeman). I had my son in tow last night and introduced him to Jeff. I also told Jeff that when he gets a call from Doreen in Waukesha that would be Mrs. Wigderson. Jeff then commented on my Dallas Cowboy jacket and asked if I was raising my son to be a Cowboys fan. I had to confess that, given my family on both sides, I have to be content to raise the child a Brewer fan.

Of course, I was raised to be a Packer fan and I managed to find the star all on my own.

Jeff Wagner takes Alderman Larry Nelson to task for denying the Waukesha Democrats have endorsed Larry. Wagner has some more observations and offers a prediction.

Waukesha Freeman editor Bill Yorth was there. I’m not sure what he thought of the debate. He probably has mixed feelings. Nischke is more in line with the paper’s traditionally more moderate-conservative editorial stance, but a Mayor Larry Nelson would probably sell a few more newspapers. Kinda like the Titanic.

Finally, I’m sorry I missed Fletch of Two Heroes. He also was there and has a few observations. Fletch is not a fan of the Taxpayers Protection Amendment, or most other things Republican. He must be pretty lonely in Waukesha.

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