Monday, November 20th, 2017

What a great day in Waukesha


The Lovely Doreen from Waukesha was my guest this morning as we had breakfast at Key Westconsin along the Fox River next to the Waukesha Farmers Market. I had the breakfast sliders and a very nice Bloody Mary. My wife had the crème brûlée French toast and a Mango Mojito. If you have not had the crème brûlée French toast at Key Westconsin, you simply must.

There was quite the crowd at the Farmers Market this morning. As luck would have it, we ran into local realtor Marty Larson and Jeff Fortin. Saw Aldermen Roger Patton and Christopher Hernandez also walking around, as was Mayor Jeff Scrima. We’ll have to get a review from Hernandez on the food at Key Westconsin.

Afterwards, Chef Josie Smith-Malave of Top Chef fame did a cooking demonstration at the Farmer’s Market. Just a very nice person who genuinely seemed pleased to be spending some time in Waukesha visiting D Mo’s Pasta & Chop House. With Chef D Mo (aka Chef Tony) as her assistant, she made mussels and glazed Brussels Sprouts. My wife liked the mussels so much she said to Chef D Mo they rivaled his. Chef Josie explained how to get the glaze carmelized onto the sprouts and we really enjoyed the result.

Chef Josie also made a green bean salad and a filet. She explained the secret of the butter bath for the filet, and I hope everyone there took notes.

Afterwards, Chef Josie told the Lovely Doreen that she did not know what she was going to make until she walked through the Farmer’s Market this morning and let herself be inspired by what she found.

For those of you who missed Chef Josie, she will be at D Mo’s this week so make sure to call for reservations.

In addition to Chef Josie, the Walk for Alzheimers was held this morning along the river. We found out later from Norm Bruce of Martha Merrell’s Books that the turnout was so good this year that the organizers ran out of registration forms and had to run to Waukesha State Bank for photocopies. They exceeded last year’s fundraising before the morning began, so what a great event for that charity. Of course, the hundreds of extra people downtown is always good, too.

And what great timing. Today was Waukesha’s annual Art Fest. The Lovely Doreen and I took a stroll over. As usual, I can’t escape without buying something, and today the Lovely Doreen bought a William Holaday mixed media “cathedral” painting. In part inspired by Notre Dame, it’s a beautiful addition to the original art in our home.

Again, Waukesha is a great small town, and we ran into former Mayor Larry Nelson and his wife, fresh from a vacation in Hawaii. The former mayor was in full cheerleader mode telling everyone they have to go see the new monument to Les Paul over at the Prairie Home Cemetery, also dedicated today.

Alderman Paul Ybarra was downtown with his family, enjoying Art Fest. Vicky Hekkers was downtown, too, hoping to catch Chef Josie at D Mo’s.

Lynn Gaffey explained how the jazz band in front of Steaming Cup at the Art Fest was found. Every time they were scheduled for Jazz at Cutler Park it rained. Gaffey, understandably, was a little concerned about booking them for the Art Fest, but decided to do it anyway. They were definitely worth the risk of rain.

Count a victory for my Waukesha Freeman column. Magellan’s was selling pizza on the street for the festival, and I heard quite a few people commenting on it. More important, I saw people actually eating it. Will street food catch on in Waukesha?

We wrapped up the day by stopping at Sloppy Joe’s for a soda and some sloppy nachos. The juke box was free today and of course I couldn’t resist.

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