Monday, November 20th, 2017

What every man wants for Father’s Day


Jenna at Right Off the Shore went shopping for Father’s Day at the MSNBC website. She was disappointed to see they recommended a perfumed candle and chocolate.

Now, if you’re planning on buying perfumed candles for Father’s Day, might I suggest a stop at Wiggy’s Warehouse? Partylite Tropical Rain votives on sale now.

But I think if you want to get a real man’s gift, might I suggest a moosehead wooden toilet seat? Now what man do you know wouldn’t be proud to own one of these? It is on sale right now at Wiggy’s Warehouse for $59.95 plus $12.00 shipping & handling.

Because we all know there’s nothing more important for a man than to be able sit in comfort and in style upon the throne in his castle.

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