Monday, November 20th, 2017

What happens in Waukesha stays in Waukesha


So while I’m away in Waukesha at the RightOnline Conference, it turns out the real fun is at home:

A cross-dressing male escort arrested during a December sting by the Waukesha Police Department was sentenced to three days in jail and $883 in fines for the misdemeanor charge of obstructing or resisting an officer.

Verness A. Hunt, 25, of Charlotte, N.C., was sentenced Wednesday by Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge James Kieffer. Hunt was carrying a 3,000-volt stun gun when he was arrested, but a felony charge of possessing an electric weapon was dismissed as part of a plea deal, according to online court documents.

Here in Las Vegas I think you have to pay extra for the stun gun.

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