Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

What kind of cells were those?


Seth Zlotocha, who is keeping himself informed on all the latest incontinence, finds a report on stem-cells reducing the need for Depends. He sneers, “At least one Republican just got another reason to dislike stem cell research,” referring to Congressman Jim Sensenbreenner, whose personal wealth comes from Kimberly-Clark.

Of course, Zlotocha ignores that it is adult stem cells that are giving these results. Adult stem cell research is, of course, supported by everyone including pro-life Republicans because they do not require the destruction of human embryos. (Note 5/24: Zlotocha has since clarified his post. See comments below for explanation. And in his original post he did say the stem cells were taken from the muscle tissue of the adult test subject.)

Liberals often get their undies all wet whenever they hear of a possible cure involving stem-cell research, but they often forget to mention that the research showing the most promise and only results are in adult stem cells.

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