Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

What overexuberant volunteer will Scrima blame this on?


I bet the folks at the Waukesha Freeman will be happy to know that “Freeman Friday Night Live” is endorsing Mayor Jeff Scrima again. Hey, it’s their name attached.
ffnl endorses scrima
And here’s the Farmer’s Market endorsing Scrima again. (Which, despite what the city administrator says, is really a city asset inherited from the BID.)
farmers market

By the way both events are run by the Downtown Business Association, which is run by the unethical Norm Bruce of Martha Merrill’s Bookstore. Martha Merrill’s just happens to be the location for picking up the Scrima campaign yard signs, which still do not have the legal disclaimers on them. Maybe somebody over at the District Attorney’s office should investigate the possible illegal coordination.

I’m sure the Waukesha Freeman would love to have their name attached to that, too.

Update!   As a commenter points out, this appears at the bottom of Farmer’s Market page.


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