Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

What the hell is a Wawa?


The liberal media (and here I repeat myself) is desperately looking for examples that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is somehow out of touch with the average person because he’s never ordered a sandwich from a touch screen at some place called Wawa.

Now I know some of you don’t believe this but I like to eat. A lot. No, really. And I eat a lot of sandwiches.

I’ve traveled all over the country. I just got back from Las Vegas. Before that I was in Chicago. Before that I went to Charlotte, NC. Before that, etc. etc. I’ve been to the Rio Grande and to International Falls, to San Diego and to Baltimore, to Pittsburgh and to Phoenix, to Galena, IL and to Washington D.C., to Cincinatti and to Orlando.

What the hell is a Wawa?

So guess what? I now have more in common with the rich guy Mormon than I do with the rich guy President of the United States who just played his 100th round of golf while in office and wrote two memoirs before he even took office.

I guess I only have one question for supporters of President Obama. Do they serve dog at the WaWa?

Update! Turns out, MSNBC creatively edited the story to make Romney look bad. Must’ve been the same video editing department that did the story on auto safety.

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