Saturday, August 24th, 2019

What we can learn from the NFL players about Right to Work


Wisconsin Democrats are claiming that the NFL players are on their side in the Right to Work debate. I would just caution the Democrats that, just because the union gave them Ed Garvey, the players association is not a winning ally. Over at the MacIver Institute I explain why:

With the support of the NFLPA behind them, Democratic State Senator Chris Larson even declared, “If you’re going to pass this, you’re going to stand up against the Green Bay Packers.”

So those supporting Right to Work are opposed to the Green Bay Packers? Given that Right to Work is likely to pass, does that make Right to Work the Seattle Seahawks of legislation?

But before we start worrying about whether the Packers will suddenly show up for Thursday’s vote and do a Chuck Cecil on some unsuspecting Republican legislators, a little perspective is in order. The players may wear the union label next to their Nike swooshes, but the reality is a little bit further removed from the picket lines.

Over at the MacIver Institute you can read the whole thing.

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