Tuesday, August 20th, 2019

What’s a motto with you?


James Rowen notes the Cap Times Mike Ivey’s attempts to find a brand image for Wisconsin (“ash tray of the midwest”, “the state that doesn’t care about the Great Lakes”) and suggests a motto he claims is inspired by WMAC, “Wisconsin. You Won’t Like It Here.”


Problem is, Dane County Executive and general scold Kathleen Falk did Rowen one better, and she wasn’t kidding, “No state is worse than we are.”

I’m ready to put it on my license plate with a picture of a bottle of brandy.

After all, what Wisconsinites really like about our state only brings out a snobbish sneer from people like, well, Mike Ivey: “But instead of playing up the state’s scenic beauty, progressive political tradition or world class research university, they put cows, corn and a barn on the flip side of the 25-cent piece. Go figure.”

I’m beginning to think the Left doesn’t like Wisconsin anymore.

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