Friday, November 24th, 2017

What’s in your poll?


I mentioned the other day the controversy surrounding Research 2000, the polling firm frequently used by the blog Daily Kos. One of the excuses offered by Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos for why he considered Research 2000 was the number of media outlets that also use Research 2000, specifically mentioning WISC-TV in Madison. I asked Tom Bier, Station Manager of WISC-TV, if they had any comment about the matter. He replied on Friday,

Yes, the issue is one we’ve been watching closely since it broke earlier this week. I have been in contact with Del Ali from Research 2000 but he cannot say anything at this point because of the pending legal action. As you read in this article, Daily Kos is claiming the problem is in the regular tracking polling which has been done for Daily Kos. As of now they are not suggesting that the “horse race” polling which R2K has done is questioned. Certainly, though, the charges and legal action suggest that polling may be suspect as well. We are doing our best to sort out the issue and hope some form of public comment from R2K is forthcoming. It is a serious matter for sure.

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