Saturday, August 24th, 2019

What’s Middleton serving up for the Jesus Lunch?


Despite the city of Middleton canceling Middleton School District’s lease of Firemen’s Park, the controversy continues over the Jesus Lunch next to Middleton High School. Over at, I have the latest on the controversy:

“The Jesus Lunch has been a peaceful, really positive, environment,” Williams said. “So when Freedom from Religion and others are talking about the divisiveness of Jesus Lunch, it really has never been divisive until the protesters showed up.”

Williams hoped that the protesters would start believing it wasn’t worth fighting over the Jesus Lunch.

Middleton city administrator Mike Davis isn’t too sure.

“It doesn’t resolve the conflict in the community,” Davis said. “It does resolves the issue over whether the school district had authority to enforce anti-proselytizing rules in the park. It does resolve that part of it. It doesn’t resolve the conflict that we have among students, and those who favor the lunches and those who are opposed.”

The anti-lunch crowd plans to continue protesting.

Photo by James Wigderson

Protesters at the Jesus Lunch in Middleton.

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