Monday, May 20th, 2019

When Barrett goes full crackpot over residency rules


Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and the Milwaukee Common Council have gone completely around the bend on the residency rule. At RightWisconsin (subscription required), I explain the mayor’s embrace of “nullification” when it comes to laws he doesn’t like.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett has embraced the pre-Civil War concept of “nullification” in everything but name.

As part of the state budget, the state government dramatically reduced residency requirements imposed by local municipalities. City employees are no longer required to live in the community where they work. Those employees involved in public safety – police, fire – can be restricted to live within 15 miles of where they work.

However, Barrett and the Milwaukee Common Council claim that because the law has a disparate effect on Milwaukee, the law violates the concept of “home rule” and therefore is null and void. They will continue to enforce Milwaukee’s peculiar institution of residency requirements. Never mind that every municipality and local unit of government is affected by the same state law. Milwaukee’s city government has ordered their employees to ignore the change in state law.

This morning the Milwaukee Police Association was successful in getting a temporary restraining order against the city.

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