Friday, November 24th, 2017

When Owen Robinson, Governor Doyle and I agree


…you know that it’s right.

Blogger Owen Robinson agrees with Governor Doyle that the DNR Secretary must remain an appointed position:

The DNR has incredible power in this state. They have authority through various permits to allow or deny development. They can render private property virtually worthless through wetlands declarations. They set the hunting seasons and parameters. Wardens have authority to detain people, enter homes, and seize firearms without a warrant. They have a LOT of power.

That’s why the head of the DNR must be politically accountable. In the current system the governor is elected and appoints the DNR secretary. If the public doesn’t like what the DNR is doing, they can hold the governor accountable. If we go back to an unelected board appointing the DNR secretary, there would be little recourse for a dissatisfied citizenry.

If a government agency had this much policing power unrelated to “the environment” clearly most of us would be uncomfortable with trying to remove such an agency from oversight.

Regular readers know I tackled the issue in last week’s column for the Waukesha Freeman.

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