Saturday, November 18th, 2017

When Politifact is just plain stupid


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s ridiculous “PolitiFact” strikes again, and comes up with a result so absurd that they should be ashamed they wasted the pixels. The actually examined Governor Scott Walker’s statement,

“This new tuition reciprocity agreement with the State of Minnesota makes college education more affordable for Wisconsin residents. Smaller tuition bills widen access to higher education, and that’s a win-win situation for students and Wisconsin.”

As even Walker’s spokeman Cullen Werwie pointed out to PolitiFact, unless this agreement is in place Wisconsin residents would have to pay out-of-state tuition in Minnesota.

For the rocket scientists at PolitiFact, that’s not good enough, even though they admit it’s an accurate statement when they wrote, “But that goes without saying.”

Because the cost for Wisconsin residents actually went up when the agreement was renewed, PolitiFact just tosses out the whole point about Minnesota in-state tuition being cheaper that out-of-state tuition. And rather than admit that they are just pushing a different spin on the issue to make Walker look bad, they actually gave Walker a “pants on fire” rating that is supposed to be reserved for when a politician is purposely lying.

At some point the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editors will come to their senses and re-assign the writers currently working on PolitiFact, or drop the experiment of trying to be “fact checkers” altogether. They’re clearly not qualified.

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