Saturday, November 25th, 2017

When the free market goes smoke free


If there’s a demand, there’s a supplier. In this case, Zin Uncommon California Italian Restaurant in Delafield is betting the demand is smoke-free.

Riordan and Sobczak, both nonsmokers, see their move to go smoke-free at Zin as a business decision.

“We’re not making a political statement,” Riordan said.

The father of young twin boys, Sobczak finds himself more conscious of smokers when out with his family, but sees legislation as a tough issue.

“I think we’re in favor of each business making their own decisions rather than (a law) making that decision for everyone,” Riordan said.

The partners did talk to employees before going smoke-free and received no negative comments.

“I think it’s great,” said Karla Keck, a waitress at Zin, of the new no-smoking policy. Originally from Wisconsin, Keck worked in California, where all the restaurants were smoke-free. “I liked that. It’s better for the employees and the dinner atmosphere,” she said.

A day after the sign went up announcing Zin as smoke-free, diners took little notice.

Good for them, and I hope more businesses emulate them – voluntarily.

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