Tuesday, August 20th, 2019

When the headline writer doesn’t know the story


Fox 6 Milwaukee headline: Milwaukee Leaders Want Less Realistic Toy Guns. Alternative headline: Milwaukee Leaders Call For Toy Makers To Take Responsibility.

The story:

Some Milwaukee city leaders are making what they say is a “call for responsibility.” Mayor Tom Barrett says he wants gun makers to stop targeting kids. They held a news conference Monday at Children’s Hospital. A spokesperson there says they treat 110 kids a year for gunshot wounds. They showed pictures of guns, some are real some are toys… many of the bright colors and designs on the guns are from something called DuraCoat which was invented to prevent gun corrosion. But Mayor Barrett argues, those guns are aimed at kids.

So it’s not toy guns looking too realistic, it’s really actual guns painted to look ike toy guns. You can go back to buying your kids war toys.

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