Saturday, November 25th, 2017

Where I stand in the AG race


I’m officially and practically undecided between Waukesha DA Paul Bucher and JB Van Hollen. I could be swayed either way, and at any time an event may come along that makes up my mind for me.

I know Mrs. Wigderson is leaning towards Bucher. He is, after all, the hometown favorite.

In the left column is a paid advertisement from the Van Hollen campaign. (By the way, if you’re looking to advertise here, I have the necessary info posted at my FAQ.) Given that unlike Google Ads on blogs or Blogads, or other blog advertising services, an advertiser actually has to contact me and work with me directly to place an ad here, I won’t lie and say the Van Hollen campaign buying an ad hasn’t had any influence over me.

(On the other hand, I know of at least one blogger that regardless of the Van Hollen ad buy will be voting for Bucher.)

At the same, I have personal reasons to support the Bucher campaign, as Mrs. Bucher tipped me off about a professional opportunity that I took advantage of.

I have another reason to like Bucher, as I predicted at the beginning of the year Bucher would beat Van Hollen. I hate to be wrong.

As far as the comedy fodder either candidate provides, I gotta tell you that so far it’s been dead even. Frau Blucher jokes vs. stupid bumper stickers. Hanging drunk drivers vs. appearing on milk cartons (next week’s posts). Lots of laughs to come.

You’ll notice I haven’t mentioned any issues yet. That’s because it’s April. I just got through watching the Walker campaign go belly up, Project Runway ended, the Wisconsin Blog Summit, The Sopranos started, baseball season started, the Waukesha Taxpayers League launched their referendum drive, State Rep. Ann Nischke lost to Larry Nelson, the Waukesha County Board reduced it’s membership, and the weather just got nice. The primary election is in September.

So here is what I promise. I will read every press release. Honest. Until my eyes fall out of my sockets. I will call out both sides when they behave goofy. I will mock and mock again whenever the opportunity arises. I will accept ads from both sides. I will probably provide some kind of forum for both candidates and their supporters. And then I’ll make up my mind, possibly by flipping a coin.

Oh yeah, if it were my spouse running for office and Owen fell for that, “why didn’t the press release mention both candidates?” I would have dropped him from my blog roll, too. Don’t mess with the spouse, man.

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