Friday, November 17th, 2017

Where is the safest place to be this weekend?


How about downtown Milwaukee? This weekend is the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting, and it’s being held at the Midwest Airlines Center Thursday through Sunday. It looks as if there are plenty of exhibits open to the public.

Maybe Democrats Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Governor Jim Doyle should stop by and ask some questions. After all, it doesn’t sound like they’re too knowledgeable about gun ownership and the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution.

Meanwhile, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker is determined to be a good host. Tonight Walker is hosting a reception at the Milwaukee Public Museum.

Congressman Mark Green, Republican candidate for governor, is also not letting the NRA visit without taking a moment to contrast himself with Governor Doyle,

“I want to welcome the National Rifle Association to Wisconsin and thank them for choosing to spend some time and some money in our great state. We have a wonderful sporting heritage here in Wisconsin, and, despite the sentiments of some of our current political leaders, we are glad to have you here.

“Yesterday, Jim Doyle decided to issue a challenge to the NRA. Well, as a hunter and a gun owner, I have a challenge for Jim Doyle. I’m challenging Jim Doyle to explain why it is he called the constitutional amendment that guarantees our right to keep and bear arms an ‘extremely radical proposal.’

“Jim Doyle should explain what is so radical about law-abiding citizens exercising their constitutional rights. He should also explain why this ‘extremely radical proposal’ was endorsed by 74% of the state’s voters in 1998.

“Best I can tell, it is Jim Doyle’s opposition to our sporting rights that is extremely radical. Elect me governor, and I’ll abide by the extremely radical idea that the law-abiding people of this state can be trusted to own a gun to hunt, to sport shoot and to protect themselves and the people they love from those who seek to do them harm.”

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