Sunday, August 25th, 2019

Which candidate is he not endorsing?


Alderman Charles Betker is not endorsing Lori Howe, the carpetbagger candidate for Alderman in my district.

Betker said Friday he was concerned a posting on the Web site of District 3 candidate Lori Howe inferred his blessing.

“Someone told me my name was on her Web site and when I saw it, I thought it looked like an endorsement,” Betker said. “I think she should have had the courtesy to ask me first.”

Betker said he wanted to make it clear he is not endorsing anyone in the Tuesday election.

In a phone interview Friday evening, Howe said when Betker called her with his concern, she “immediately took it off the Web site.”

“I think if you take it in context, it doesn’t look like an endorsement. He was mentioned along with a list of several other people I contacted to learn about the district,” she said. “I was publicly thanking him for his help.”

The paragraph in question appeared on a page on Howe’s Web site entitled “Why I feel I’m qualified.”

Along with her personal background and political activities, Howe mentions she recently had a two-hour meeting with Waukesha Mayor Larry Nelson, in which they touched on “the new Redevelopment Authority project” that includes part of District 3, primarily along East Main Street.

Howe also includes a note about a meeting “with Tim Whitmore, in Community Development to learn more about the Housing Rehabilitation Assistance program so that I can pass along information (to) the residents.”

The short paragraph that caught Betker’s attention stated:

“What’s more, after asking Charlie Betker to teach me all he can about how to be the best possible alderman for District 3, he so kindly spent many hours with me. I learned a lot and I can’t thank him enough.”

Betker is actually not endorsing either candidate to replace him, and I suspect he’s not thrilled with either of them.

Truthfully, I’m not thrilled with either of my choices. But if someone moves into a district just so she can run for alderman in Waukesha, I have to question her judgement. And if she thinks doing a drive-by in her district rather than actually meeting the voters is going let her win, I hope the voters prove her wrong. From her website:

What’s more, I’ve taken initiative to learn all I can about district 3 by driving the entire area, taking note of business and residential areas, and checking into recent developments, as well as what the future holds for us.

It was also valuable chatting with residents on Harding and Oakland Avenue, E. Main St, Greenway Terrace and Josephine St. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts, history, concerns and well wishes!

And this, too:

Although I am a life-long citizen of this general area, nearly 8 years in Waukesha County, it is over the last year that I’ve come to know the city as well as I do now.

She’s been “interested” in Waukesha for a year, is already tapping into the city treasury for her home, and here’s her top three campaign promises:
Thanks, but no thanks.

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