Saturday, November 25th, 2017

Which one doesn’t belong?


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel follows up on the “glitch” in the Waukesha election tally from Tuesday night. The Journal Sentinel‘s Scott Williams gets some reaction from local officials.

“I’m just glad we have time to fix it,” Mayor Larry Nelson said of the list of issues that caused delays in compiling returns and resulted in one losing candidate momentarily being listed as a winner. …Nelson said he talked with City Clerk Thomas Neill and hasn’t determined whether problems occurred at the city or county level.

“It’s still not clear to me,” Nelson said. “I’m confident that we have enough time to figure out what the problem was and solve it.”

So Waukesha Mayor Larry Nelson is looking into the problem.

County Supervisor Bill Kramer, who defeated Lufter in the Republican primary, said Thursday that he was relieved the county was not posting results on the Internet for the general public when the Lufter mistake occurred.

“That would’ve been a real fiasco,” Kramer said.

I’m not sure how it would’ve made the problem worse, really, but at least County Supervisor Kramer sees a problem.

County Board Chairman James Dwyer said he was disappointed that the county did not produce countywide results until about 1 a.m. Wednesday, after the county clerk and her staff had rechecked the City of Waukesha’s flawed returns by hand.

Dwyer was hoping to talk with Nickolaus about a primary that seemed to have more than typical election night glitches – and the importance of avoiding a repeat in November, he said.

“That’s something that maybe we’re going to have to track,” he said, “and make sure it’s taken care of.”

County Board Chairman James Dwyer sees a problem, too.

County Executive Dan Vrakas said he was confident that the clerk and her staff would resolve any remaining problems before the Nov. 7 election, which will include high-profile races for governor and attorney general.

“She’s very competent,” Vrakas said of Nickolaus. “We have good voting in Waukesha County.”

And Dan Vrakas is willing to vouch for Nickolaus. If things go wrong in November, will he accept part of the blame, too?

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