Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

White House Brew


Does Michelle Obama know about this?

It was — the White House’s own brew, made with equipment the Obamas bought with their own money — the first beer ever made at the White House, according to historians.

It is White House Honey Ale.

It was the first beer served at the Super Bowl party. A very small batch — 90-100 bottles — all consumed that day.

The White House chefs have been brewing since, a little at a time. There was some for St. Patrick’s Day, another batch in June, and the beer served to Sgt. Meyer.

No word if they’ve brewed a batch in the style of Kenya’s Tusker beer.

Kind of a neat story, and I know the Founding Fathers would have approved. However, I would hope that the White House keeps a nice selection of microbrews from around the country, too.

(thks Blogging Blue)

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