Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Who does this kid think he is, a Kennedy?


Daniel Pazdernik didn’t like it when he was told he couldn’t see his girlfriend. So he decided to show what a man he is by taking it out on a parked car. After all, he’s an alderman’s son, so who is going to do anything to him?

Daniel Pazdernik and a friend went to a residence on Kettlewoods Court in the Village of Pewaukee early March 5.

Pazdernik told police he went to the residence because he wanted to speak to his ex-girlfriend, but was unable to do so. He said he became upset, and, when he walked away, he punched the driver’s side window of a car and then opened the driver’s door and left it open so the battery would die.

Witnesses told police that Pazdernik arrived at the residence at about 1:30 a.m. and said Pazdernik “became angry and was indicating that his dad owns Pewaukee and he can do whatever he wants.”

The witnesses said they saw Pazdernik walk over to a car and kick it a couple of times. Pazdernik then walked over to a car that had been driven by Paul Vickers, 915 Manchester Court, Hartland. Pazdernik opened the driver’s door and pushed on it so it would overextend. He then reached into the vehicle, but the witnesses could not see what he was doing.

A female witness told police Pazdernik said, ” ‘I can’t get into any trouble, because my dad’s the alderman. My dad owns Pewaukee.’ “

Debra Vickers, owner of the 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass, told police the signal lever had been torn off the vehicle and the driver’s-side door did not close. The damage was estimated at $2,858, which does not include the towing charge of about $260.

This is the behavior and reaction of an eight-year-old, not someone who is seventeen.

His father owes the community an apology, too, for raising a child with that sense of entitlement. By the way, just what is a seventeen-year-old doing out at 1:30am? On a school night?

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