Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Who is raising money in the 33rd Assembly district


If last year was a rough year in the personal life of State Representative Scott Newcomer, this year the hangover presents a real challenge to his career in politics. Newcomer’s challengers for the Republican party nomination are coming into the race with more money on hand than the incumbent. In one case, a lot more money.

In a recent interview over at Examiner.com, Newcomer dismissed his challengers, saying, “There are always people out there looking for office, it’s really not surprising.”

Actually, it is, but Newcomer’s personal troubles have made him a target, which made the next comment unfathomable. When asked why he should be re-elected, “Because I represent the values of the district…”


Newcomer’s latest campaign finance report shows $5,771.41 on hand. Interestingly, Newcomer repaid himself $4000 last July on the loan he made to the campaign to get himself elected the first time.

Realtor Joe DeKlotz sent word this evening that he has raised the most of any of the candidates in the race from individuals. He’s raised $10,125 and has $7,569.03 on hand.

Chris Kapenga is showing he’s serious. He loaned his campaign $40, 100 and has $40,025 on hand. So far he spent money on his website, a list from the GAB, and a nifty logo.

Larry Krause, whose website is still in the “check back soon” stage, has $5,604.85 on hand. He’s loaned his campaign $5,150 to get it going. Krause is short of Newcomer’s reported cash on hand, but not much.

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