Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Who is telling the truth? The mayor or the city attorney?


My posting of a statement from the Waukesha City Attorney’s office is generating some buzz, but one point is being overlooked and it needs to be addressed. Mayor Jeff Scrima’s claim that City Attorney Curt Meitz says the BID has ceased to exist does not match what Meitz told me.

From the Waukesha Freeman on 9/28/12:

  In fact, Scrima said that in light of the resignations of 11 of the 13 BID Board members along with the executive director and environmental manager in the past few weeks, the Waukesha Downtown Business Association has stepped up to take on the responsibilities of the remainder of the farmers markets and the Christmas parade.

Scrima said he’s consulted City Attorney Curt Meitz, and since state statutes require a five-person BID Board and only two members haven’t resigned, the board has ceased to exist, and that’s all right for now.

The letter from Meitz, posted yesterday by me:

In response to your inquiry, our office has not written an opinion on the subject that “the BID Board is dissolved.” Any statement that the BID Board is dissolved is not an accurate characterization.

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