Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Who is winning?


I’ve argued (not without critics) the ban gay marriage amendment vote is closer than many think, and is actually in danger of being defeated. Almost in answer, conducted a survey of 600 likely voters and discovered the pro-amendment forces winning 53% to 39%. However, an Associated Press story reports,

MILWAUKEE – When it comes to statewide votes on gay marriage, the score so far is 20-0 in favor of keeping it a one-man, one-woman institution.

If there’s a chance to break the streak on Nov. 7, it might be in Wisconsin, where activists believe that support from unions, college students and church leaders — coupled with hoped-for conservative apathy — could enable them to finally overcome the string of losses.

The anti-amendment forces have a plan, they have funding, they have organization and they have a message. Right now momentum is on their side.

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