Friday, July 19th, 2019

Who wants to make us more like Milwaukee?


Let’s talk garbage for a moment. Jeff Scrima, condo developer, mayoral candidate, wants to make life easier for condo owners by switching garbage collection from the property tax to a fee-based system.

Residential homeowners will see their total tax bill go up. You can’t deduct the fee from your federal tax like you can the property tax. Making matters worse, its likely that your property taxes won’t go down the same amount of the fee.

Don’t believe me? Just ask Milwaukee, the city Scrima apparently would like to emulate.

Scrima also said he wants to restore weekly collection of recyclables. He calls the savings from a bi-weekly collection “minimal.” In a city our size, saving $350,000 over five years is not a small savings, and citizens should ask how many pot holes will be left unfilled because people can’t hang onto their blue bins another week.

How much recyclable stuff do people generate anyway? I have a wife and two kids, and I can fit two weeks worth of recyclables into a single blue bin. Besides, the city will give you another bin.

But you’ll be happy to know that Scrima says it’s the right thing to do, even as he favors separating your recyclables. So if the garbage is piling up now, wait until they don’t even collect it one week because you didn’t sort the brown bottles from the clear ones.

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