Who’s afraid of big bad Act 10?

by James Wigderson | June 27, 2016 3:09 pm

In case you missed it Friday, over at Watchdog.org I reported on a new study by the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty on the effects of Act 10[1] on our state’s public schools. The fear that Act 10 would somehow ruin public education in Wisconsin is *ahem* a bit overblown.

We look back five years later thinking Act 10 was incredibly controversial with many politicians and public union leaders saying that Act 10 would destroy public education, hollow out the teaching workforce,” CJ Szafir, vice president of policy for the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, said in a conference call with reporters. “But five years later I think it’s very much worth everyone’s time to look at whether some of those claims were true. This report we have put out shows that many of those claims were either greatly exaggerated and/or failed to materialize.”

You can read the whole story here[2].

The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty did another study earlier this year which I reported for Watchdog[3], too. I also interviewed Dr Flanders earlier this year on whether Act 10 is the cause of fewer teachers entering the workforce. The answer, of course, is no[4].

"Look! Our teacher is over there talking to that doctor!"

Act 10 protesters in 2011.

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