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Why I am for Scott Walker and why conservatives who want to win in November should be, too


Brian Fraley, a political consultant for the last Republican candidate to win a state-wide race in Wisconsin, explains why he supports Scott Walker for Governor. Reprinted with permission.

Why I am for Scott Walker and why conservatives who want to win in November should be, too

Having once worked for both Scott Walker and Mark Neumann I have a unique perspective in this race. I have seen both candidates face triumph and adversity. I’ve worked closely with them. I know and like them and their families. Although I am no longer a campaign operative, having turned my focus to policy analysis and advocacy over the years, I still have a stake in this race.  As do all Wisconsin voters, especially conservatives.

My support for Scott Walker, a decision which I have publicly made in just the last few days, can be broken down in just a few points. For the sake of brevity, let me put it in one sentence:

Scott Walker is a conservative reformer whose ability to beat Tom Barrett is evident in the fact that he has faced the toughest challenges from the left wing smear machine and, having triumphed repeatedly, stayed true to his principles, followed through on his promises and governed conservatively.

It sickens and worries me that the Left is going all in for Mark Neumann. Jim Doyle donated one million dollars to the most notorious left-wing slime machine which spent it on anti-walker commercials. Tom Barrett has been tag-teaming Neumann’s criticisms and has also been running anti-Walker ads. There is an aggressive online effort to get thousands of Democrats to vote in the GOP primary instead…and they are encouraging people to vote for Neumann because he is more beatable.

Do you want Jim Doyle and the Democrats to determine the GOP nominee? I sure as hell don’t.

I’ve been a blue collar-bred Milwaukee area conservative, agitating and working from the inside and outside of the Republican Party for nearly two decades. I have always believed the future of this party, and the core of her power emanate from the individual. I understand how important it is to keep the big-spending liberal apparatchiks from the public purse, so I normally vote Republican.  I have faith in people’s ability to exercise their free will in such a way that society benefits. For example, I believe society is better off when people can keep more of the money they earn. That charitable giving from individuals can address social inequities better than redistributionist policies of the state.

Theory is all well and good; however, without holding the elected offices necessary to institute conservative policies, theory can’t stop this slide toward statism we are feeling at the federal and state level. In short, we need to win.

Scott Walker is a proven winner.  Think about it. We have a Republican as the County Executive in the heart of the Democratic base. In his last election, Walker received nearly 60 percent of the vote.  If a Republican candidate for statewide office can receive 45 percent of the vote in Milwaukee County in the General Election, there is no path for victory for the big-spending Democrats.

Mark Neumann has never faced the onslaught Walker has, much less won despite of it.

Scott Walker’s stunning success was the result of a conservative resurgence that foreshadowed the Tea Party movement by 7 years. The lessons learned there helped fuel this movement across Wisconsin.

Scott Walker is a proven conservative reformer

Moreover, Scott not only laid forth a conservative agenda, he followed through. Here are just a few of Scott’s accomplishments as County Executive:

  • REDUCED the county workforce by more than 20%
  • LOWERED the county debt by 10%
  • Introduced 8 consecutive budgets WITHOUT AN INCREASE to the property tax levy from the previous year.
  • IMPROVED the county’s bond rating
  • ELIMINATED THE WAITING LIST for long-term care for older adults through the Family Care program.
  • Invested over $199 million in renovations and improvements to General Mitchell International Airport WITHOUT INCREASING THE PROPERTY TAX LEVY to do it.
  • Airport improvements HELPED CREATE 1,000 JOBS from Southwest, Air Tran and Republic airlines.
  • Implemented a pension obligation plan to SAVE MILWUAKEE TAXPAYERS $237 MILLION.

As I said, I’m not working for either campaign, although I have worked for both candidates. I worked with Mark Neumann as his press secretary in his first year in Congress in 1995. I worked with Scott both when he was a legislator and during his 2005 run for Governor. I like that Neumann has put his plans in writing. But if you look at his book, it’s rather vague and displays a startling lack of understanding of how state government works. Moreover, the book is really the content of his website, just on paper. Walker has unveiled several detailed, workable plans, and you can evaluate them for yourself at

So, clearly, I am a fan of Scott. But that’s not to say he’s perfect. (I stopped thinking candidates were perfect once I hit my 20s)

I’m not a fan of every ad he’s run, every campaign tactic or, frankly, even the brown bag theme (although I can attest, it’s not a gimmick, he does bring the same two sandwiches for lunch almost every day!). But I am a fan of Scott Walker. I’ve seen him take on the entrenched liberal special interests and never flinch. I’ve seen him oppose members of his own party when he felt they were wrong. I’ve seen him win in Democratic wards. I’ve seen him confound his critics and stay true to his principles.

I know Scott Walker is our best shot at Victory in November.

This has been a vigorous Primary and I think that is good. Mark Neumann started off pretty negative and his sanctimonious criticism of Walker’s recent ads ring hollow. However, the competitive Primary has brought a lot of attention to the race, and that’s a good thing.  I think Walker will be stronger for it. He has more volunteers right now than any campaign in Wisconsin in my lifetime.

I am proud to support Scott. I take nothing for granted. I’m voting for him Tuesday and in the strongest possible terms, hope those who want to ensure we don’t have a third term of Jim Doyle do so as well.

Conservatives who want to send a message to the status quo should vote for Walker.

Conservatives who want a proven reformer should vote for Walker.

In the end, it all comes down to this: conservatives who want to beat Tom Barrett should vote for Walker.

-Brian Fraley

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