Sunday, August 25th, 2019

Why school board members should just worry about schools, even when using a pseudonym


I find it very interesting that a member of the school board, Steve Edlund, also known as the “Blue Collar Conservative,” should demand representation for the town of Waukesha on the city of Waukesha’s Water Utility Commission. They have a separate water supply and will not be contributing to our pipeline’s costs (contrary to Edlund’s assertion) unless they are annexed. Once they are annexed, then they’ll have representation.

If it would really make school board member Steve Edlund, aka Blue Collar Conservative, really happy to know what the current leadership of the town of Waukesha thinks about the city’s water application, it’s pretty safe to guess they don’t want the city digging more shallow wells as an alternative since the town is suing the city over a single proposed test well.

While we’re discussing what would make people happy, I’m betting most people would want to know what other pseudonyms their elected member of the school board, Steve Edlund, is using. After all, using his real name would be the responsible thing for Edlund to do, and I’m sure he wouldn’t want there to be any confusion about his publicly stated opinions. So if Edlund would like to take this time to list any other names he’s using, the comments are open. Now is as good a time as any.

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